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Teeth are commonly known as the part of the body requiring the most care and maintenance. Unfortunately, teeth often don’t receive the attention they need until it’s too late. Neglecting the care and maintenance that teeth require can lead to disease, pain and costly repairs. Our dental hygienist is dedicated to helping our patients avoid these problems.

The dental hygienist will assess your current health, help you to determine your goals for your health, and recommend a course of treatment to accomplish your optimal health.

Dental hygiene treatment involves periodically removing the mineral deposits that collect on teeth on a daily basis. If left untreated, these minerals and the bacteria that live on them have the potential to lead to gum disease and eventual tooth loss.

Our dental hygienist also ensures that you have the information and tools you need to properly take care of your teeth at home. This further reduces the risk for disease and likely results in easier and less expensive dental appointments.

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